University of Pennsylvania

Laboratory Construction: Moore & Towne Buildings

Philadelphia, PA

EE Lab, Moore School – 15,000 SF Electrical Engineering Lab with new Strobic Exhaust and complete replacement of electrical and HVAC systems. Project Duration: 4 Months, Value $1,300,000


Discher Lab, Towne Building: 5,800 SF Chemistry and Physics Research Lab. Project Duration: 3 Months, Value $750,000


HMS Lab, Moore School – 8,000 SF Electrical Engineering Lab for human modeling study including coordination, supervision and installation of specialized lab equipment in Penn’s famous ENIAC location. Project Duration: 5 Months, Value $1,900,000


CBE Lab, Towne Building: 2,500 SF Chemistry Research Lab built to ‘clean-room’ specifications. Project Duration: 3 Months, Value $625,000


All projects were successfully completed without interruption to the adjacent Research and Teaching Operations in Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS).


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